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j5 Shift Operations Management provides a single, easily implemented suite of Operations Management applications. These are configurable to address a wide range of operation processes within a single user experience.

Industrial sites deploy diverse systems to manage their operations. These include the DCS, SCADA Systems, Data Historians, Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS), and other plant systems of record. A range of different vendors typically supply these systems which can make integration and interfacing a challenge for companies seeking a single, streamlined Operations Management Platform.

Hexagon uses a variety of techniques to interface information from third party software with j5 Operations Management Solutions, and vice versa. Hexagon has developed a range of interfaces to ensure that operations and compliance teams have the information that they require at their fingertips.

j5 Shift Operations Management includes the application modules above, and the following interfacing components:

  • Active Directory LDAP Authentication

  • Direct connection to databases