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Embeddable fonts need to be installed and configured when:

  • You enable PDF/A exports.

  • The font changes mid-sentence in the exported PDFs. This can happen when you have certain diacritics or multiple language characters (for example, Korean and Latin characters) in the same sentence.

  • The standard PDF font doesn't support certain character sets (for example, Thai).

To install fonts on your j5 server:

  1. Set the Embed PDF fonts setting to True. This setting is found on the Server Settings page in the j5 System Management Console.

  2. Download and install the font pack you want. Your chosen font needs to be embeddable. We recommend that you choose your font from the Google Noto Serif font set.

  3. Download the fontsConfig.xml file and then save it in this location: C:/ProgramData/j5/generated_files/reporting-service.

  4. If you've changed the default location for installed fonts, update the font path in the xml file to point to the new location.

    By default, fonts are automatically installed in C:/Windows/fonts.

  5. Make sure the font family paths described in the fontsConfig.xml file are correct for the font you installed.

    The fontsConfig.xml file has been configured for the Noto Sans fonts. If you're not using a Noto Sans font, replace the Noto Sans references with the name of the font you're using.

  6. Run j5Setup to save the new configuration.