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To request a v3 license, email the following information to

  • Your company's service site ID.

  • The v3 machine code for each machine that needs a license along with a description of what it's going to be used for (for example, production, testing, QA, staging etc).

  • The total number of Concurrent Access Licenses (CALs) your site is entitled to.

  • The j5 applications and connectors your site is entitled to.

  • The j5 version your site is currently using.

  • The email address for your contact person.

  • Your site's physical address.

Most of this information (except for your service site ID, contact's email and site's physical address) is included in the report that is generated by the v3LicenseInfoTool.cmd tool.

Use the following email subject:

License request: [your company's name] - [the server's type - production, staging, QA, testing etc]