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Canonical Server Name

The canonical server name is the hostname j5 uses to create fully qualified URLs for j5 pages (for example, it is used in PDF reports that are emailed to users).

This defaults to the server name. It should be set to the fully qualified DNS name (for example, j5.mycompany.com).

  • The canonical server name is configured on the j5 Load Balancer Setup page and can be manually changed under the Ports node in the j5 System Management Console.

  • If you are using HTTPS (as described in Set up HTTPS), the certificate you supply should be valid for the canonical server name configured.

Server Aliases (space-separated)

The canonical server name is the main name users can use to access j5.

If you only want to access j5 with one name (the canonical server name), leave this field blank.

If you want to access j5 with more than one name, list the alternative names here.

For security reasons, j5 needs a list of all of the names you are going to use to access it. j5 will deny access if you're not using one of these names.

Confirmation checkbox

Confirm that you understand that j5 can only be accessed at the Canonical Server Name and the Server Aliases hostnames.