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The LDAP Connection settings must be configured before configuring a LDAP Authenticator for the Active Directory.

LDAP Connection

  • Disable: To enable the LDAP connection, select False from the option list.

  • URI: Enter the LDAP/s URI of the Active Directory server (for example, ldap://ad.domain.com). This is the only required field.

  • Additional Authentication Checks: Allows you to define extra attributes to be checked on a user for them to successfully sign in to j5. This should be set to True.

  • Allow Self-Signed Certificate: Allows the LDAP connection/s to connect to a server without checking the certificate for validity. The options are True or False.

  • Constrain users to LDAP groups: This forces the LDAP sync to get the users in the configured LDAP j5 group mappings. The default setting is False.

  • Password: The password for the user entered in the Username field.

  • Search Constraints: Enter a LDAP search filter to identify the users that should be imported automatically into j5. Refer to LDAP search filters for formatting.

  • Use pre-Windows 2000 Account Name: If your Windows version is from before year 2000, use the SAMAccountName attribute when synchronizing users. The default setting is False.

  • Username: A username used to sign in to the Active Directory server to query for user information.

The Password, Search Constraints, and Username fields are used for the automatic import of Active Directory users into j5, if this feature has been enabled on your system.

Sync Schedule

  • Enable: Determines if the LDAP users are automatically synced into j5 on a regular schedule.

  • Sync Schedule day of the week: Select the day you want the schedule to run. The options are Every Day, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, or Sunday.

  • Sync Schedule time of the day: Select the time you want the schedule to run. The options are every hour on the hour.