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Before installing the j5 products using the j5 Server installer:

  • We strongly recommend that you test the j5 Server installation process on your Staging server before installing on your Production server. Your Staging server should match your Production server. Only after verifying that all of your j5 applications are present (after installing the j5 Server) on your Staging server should you install the applications on your Production server.

  • Replace your old j5 license file with the new j5 v3 license. You can do this in two ways:

    • Option one: Save your new license in the same location as your old license and rename the new license to match the old license's name.

    • Option two: In the j5 System Management Console, update the License File field on the Server settings node, and then click Save and verify.

  • If you have j5 products that were installed with individual installers, uninstall the products that are included in the j5 Server installer (for a list of the included applications, refer to j5 Server installer). Uninstall j5 Framework last. After uninstalling all of the j5 applications included in the list, go to c:\Program Files (x86) to confirm that their corresponding folders have been removed.

    • Do not uninstall your custom j5 Site. Your custom j5 Site is normally the j5 logo labeled with your company's name.

    • Do not uninstall j5 Mobile from your server, the legacy j5 products (j5 Permit to Work and j5 Inspection Rounds) and applications that aren't part of a public release. These applications may be required for your custom j5 Site and should remain installed.

    • Your j5 records and configuration settings aren't deleted when you uninstall the j5 applications. All of your data is still available after the j5 Server is installed.

  • Ensure that .NET Framework 3.5 is installed on your server.

  • If you have a custom data source and no official data sources, the j5 Event Manager application won't be enabled with the j5 Server. Please give the Hexagon Software Delivery Team these details before you install the j5 Server.

We strongly recommend that you install your j5 applications on the C:\ drive.

To install your j5 products on your server with the j5 Server installer:

  1. Double-click the installer's executable file. If a Security Warning dialog box appears, click Run.

  2. Read through the license agreement. If you are authorized to accept the agreement, select I agree to the license terms and conditions.

  3. Click Install. If a User Account Control window appears, click Yes to continue.

When the installation is complete, a Completed Successfully dialog appears. Click Continue to Setup Wizard... or click Close.

If you want to install j5 applications that aren't included in the j5 Server installer, install the separate j5 applications before running the setup wizard.