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In 2021, the j5 installation process was upgraded from installing all of your j5 applications individually to installing most of your j5 applications using the single j5 Server installer. This simplifies the installation process and ensures compatibility between the j5 applications included in the installer.

The following j5 products are included in the j5 Server 28.0 installer:

  • j5 Framework (28.0)

  • j5 Shift Operations Management - j5 Operations Logbook, j5 Work Instructions, j5 Shift Handover, and j5 Standing Orders (28.0)

  • j5 Operator Rounds (28.0)

  • j5 Control of Work (4.0)

  • j5 Event Manager (3.0)

  • j5 Action Management (1.0)

  • j5 Incident Management (1.0)

  • j5 Management of Change (1.0)

  • j5 Connector for AspenTech InfoPlus.21 (2.0)

  • j5 Connector for IBM Maximo (1.0)

  • j5 Connector for OSIsoft PI (2.0)

  • j5 Connector for SAP HR (1.0)

  • j5 Connector for SAP PM (3.0)

  • j5 Connector for Aveva Historian (1.0)

  • j5 Connector for GE Proficy (1.0)

  • j5 Connector for OPC (28.0)

These j5 products still need to be installed separately:

  • j5 Mobile - Installed on mobile devices. There are separate j5 Mobile installers for Android, iOS, and Windows. The Android and iOS installers are distributed through their relevant app stores.

  • j5 Offline Desktop

  • j5 IndustraForm Designer

  • j5 IDE

These j5 applications still need to be installed with individual installers:

  • j5 Work Requests and Orders

    The j5 Work Requests and Orders application needs to be installed when the Work Requests and Notifications synchronization feature of the j5 Connector with SAP PM is used.

  • The legacy products - j5 Permit to Work and j5 Inspection Rounds

  • The applications that aren't part of a public release

  • Earlier versions of j5 (j5 26.0 and earlier)

You need a v3 license to use the j5 Server installer. Your v3 license determines what applications are enabled on your j5 Server. You will receive your license from the Hexagon Software Delivery Team. Refer to v3 licenses for more information.

You can download the j5 Server installer from PPM Smart Community. To navigate to the installer, click Downloads > j5 > Service Packs and Fixes.