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The License Info Tool looks at your existing j5 installation and reports your machine code, existing license, and your available j5 applications. This is part of the required information that the Hexagon Software Delivery Team needs to verify so that the new license they issue enables the same applications that you currently have installed.

The Hexagon Software Delivery Team will compare this with the j5 applications your company is eligible for.

To use this tool:

  1. Double-click v3LicenseInfoTool.cmd.

  2. In the Hexagon Utility License Acceptance window, click Accept License.

    License Upgrade Checker - Accept

  3. Click Launch Email to open the email client on your server. Your j5 license details appear in the body of the email with the Hexagon Software Delivery Team contact details in the address bar.

    If you don't have an email client setup on your server, please copy and paste the information in this window in a text editable document, so that you can attach this information to your license request. Do not save this information as a screenshot.

    License Upgrade Checker - Launch Email