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In 2021, the j5 licensing system was upgraded from v2 to v3. The new j5-Server installer requires a new v3 j5 license which contains the j5 applications that need to be enabled. For this reason, please send the Hexagon Software Delivery Team the required information (detailed below) so you can get new v3 licenses for your servers.

The j5 License Utility helps you gather some of the required information. It contains two tools to assist with j5 Licensing. These tools are:

  • j5MachineCode.exe – This generates the machine code for your server machine. Use this when you don't have any j5 applications installed on your server.

  • v3LicenseInfoTool.cmd – This reports your machine code, existing license, and available j5 applications.

The j5 License Utility tools are available on PPM Smart Community under Downloads > j5 > Freeware Tools and Utilities.

If you need help with the j5 License Utility tools, please create a support case on PPM Smart Community - Cases.