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  1. Select the Attachment Storage node on the left pane.

  2. Right-click the Attachment Storage node and select New Attachment Storage.

  3. In the New Attachment Storage dialog box, enter a name for the new storage instance. The name should match the Attachments Archive Store field on the Server Settings page; the default store name is archive. The new storage instance appears as a subfolder under Attachment Storage.

  4. Select the FileSystemStore type.

  5. Set the Ignore Migration Warning field to True.

  6. Set the Path field to the location you want store the attachment. Click [...] to browse to the folder location. We recommend that you create an attachment-archive folder in the following location: C:\ProgramData\j5\attachment-archive and then browse to this folder for the path.

Attachments that have been moved out of the j5 database aren't backed up with the regular backups of the j5 database. As such, the attachments folder needs to be backed up as a separate task. This also should be considered when using a failover setup to make sure that the archived attachments are available on both systems.

The Path can also be a network drive. If you use a network drive, make sure the j5 service user has access to write to the folder. The j5 Service Username is NetworkService, by default. The j5 Service Username can be changed on Server settings page.