Error message: "Failed login by unknown user. j5 failed to authenticate this user against the AD Server." - j5 - 28.0 - Installation & Upgrade - Hexagon PPM

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Proposed solutions:

  1. Check that you have used the full domain host name (for example: during the setup process. The full domain host name should be used, otherwise the active directory will not accept the connection. The log files should look like this if DEBUG logging is on:

    2020-04-08 07:30:33 INFO [+0000002916 CP Server Thread-7]: Attempting Kerberos Authentication at HTTP@FULL_DOMAIN_NAME

    2020-04-08 07:30:33 DEBUG [+0000002916 CP Server Thread-7]: There was an issue with the received Kerberos ticket.


  2. The user doesn’t exist in the domain.