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A domain user needs to be added to j5 as an Administrator before j5 can be configured to use Kerberos authentication. This is to prevent the Kerberos module from overriding the user name and password authentication which would block the administrator from signing in.

To add a domain user to j5:

  1. Sign in to j5 desktop as a j5 administrator.

  2. Click Configuration in the navigation bar and then select Users.

  3. Add a new user. The user name should be identical to the domain user (for example, if the domain user is DOMAIN\domain_user then the j5 user name should be domain_user).

  4. Assign the Administrator user rights group to the j5 user.


  5. Save the user details

  6. Test that you can sign in using the new user details.

After Kerberos has been setup, j5 will use the password from the active directory. The j5 user table will no longer be used.