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j5 Installation and Upgrade

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Installation & Upgrade
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j5 Application files include the executable files for the framework and each installed application. These are installed to C:\Program Files (x86)\j5 on the j5 Server.

j5 Configuration files store all of the local configuration information such as database connection, port number and email server details, amongst others. These are installed to C:\ProgramData\j5\config.

Changing Configuration - System Administrators should edit the j5 configuration through the j5 System Management Console (or SMC), rather than editing the configuration files directly.

  • Log Files for each service (described above) can be found in their own folder under C:\ProgramData\j5\log

  • Index Data from the search engine is stored here: C:\ProgramData\j5\data\solr

  • j5 Data is all stored in the configured j5 Database.