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The j5 process architecture is designed to optimize the smooth functioning of the j5 system. While j5 is running, the following services are active and visible to system administrators:

  • The j5 Application Server service is responsible for the running of j5 Framework and Applications. It is responsible for initiating and managing the main and child subprocesses that execute user requests, carry out scheduled activities and initiate the support services, like Reporting, that are set out below.

  • A Child Process will supply the user with webpage data requests, but can only handle read-only operations.

  • The Main Process will be assigned and responsible for all read/write operations, and also for all scheduled tasks.

The diagram below illustrates the relationships between the various j5 services:

The various j5 services can be described as follows:

  1. The j5 Cache Service provides a shared cache between j5 processes to optimise efficiency.

  2. The j5 Indexing Service is responsible for indexing information and returning search results to j5.

  3. The j5 Load Balancer is responsible for assigning each user request to a j5 Master or Child Process in a controlled way to ensure it is handled efficiently.

  4. The j5 Reporting Service generates all of the reports and dashboards.

  5. The j5 Message Broker Service is used for certain integration with external services.

  6. The j5 Database is not a service installed or managed by j5, but will need to be configured separately by the system administrator. j5 Framework supports Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle and PostgreSQL databases.