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The Performance Information page supplies certain performance information which may be useful in diagnosing issues. It provides the following information:

  • Site Name: The name of the j5 system.

  • Server Mode: Whether this j5 system is in Single Mode, Master Mode or Slave Mode.

    • Single Mode - when running only one process

    • Master Mode - the main process when running multiprocess (the server which performs database writes and runs the scheduler)

    • Slave Mode - all other processes when running multiprocess.

  • Process Affinity: Displays the CPUs that are available for the process to run on. Process affinity is often switched on in multiprocess mode when using Virtual Machine infrastructure, to prevent Python multithreading performance issues.

  • Memory Usage: Displays the current memory usage for this j5 process, as well as the maximum memory available to be used, and an indicator additional available memory.

  • Current Threads: A list of all threads currently running in the process