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The following script will copy the j5 system files, excluding the log files, back from the standby server to the production server, following a failover:

robocopy c:\ProgramData\j5\data \\PRODUCTIONSERVER\ProgramData\j5\data /e /z /np /copyall /xc /xn /fp /log+:j5restorelog.txt

robocopy c:\j5_attachments \\PRODUCTIONSERVER\j5_attachments /e /z /np/copyall /xc /xn /fp /log+:j5attachmentsrestorelog.txt

  • /xn: exclude files on the destination with a newer time stamp than the source - to prevent accidentally over writing newer production files (only used on failback).

This can be saved as a command script, which must be run manually when returning to the production server following a failover to the standby server.