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The following robocopy script will copy the production system folder to the standby server, and other files to a separate backup server:

robocopy C:\ProgramData\j5\data \\STANDBYSERVER\ProgramData\j5\data /e /z /np /copyall /xc /fp /log+:j5backuplog.txt

robocopy C:\j5_attachments \\STANDBYSERVER\j5_attachments /e /z /np /copyall /xc /fp /log+:j5attachmentsbackuplog.txt

robocopy C:\ProgramData\j5\config \\BACKUPSERVER\j5ProductionBackup\config /e /z /np /copyall /xc /fp /log+:j5configbackuplog.txt

robocopy C:\ProgramData\j5\generated_files

\\BACKUPSERVER\j5ProductionBackup\generated_files /e /z /np /copyall /xc /fp /log+:j5genfilesbackuplog.txt

robocopy C:\ProgramData\j5\licenses \\BACKUPSERVER\j5ProductionBackup\licenses /e /z /np /copyall /xc /fp /log+:j5licensesbackuplog.txt

robocopy C:\ProgramData\j5\log \\BACKUPSERVER\j5ProductionBackup\log /e /z /np /copyall /xc /fp /log+:j5logbackuplog.txt

  • /e: copy empty files and folders

  • /z: retry if there is a network (IO) issue

  • /np: don’t display percentage copied

  • /copyall: copy all attributes - preserve ntfs permissions, timestamps, meta data

  • /xc: exclude files with the same time stamp that have not changed since the last backup run

  • /xf: exclude the following specified files

  • /fp: logging option to print the full path in the log file /log+: Append new backup runs to the log file.

In the production environment, the above script can be scheduled to run regularly using the Windows Task Scheduler, as described by Microsoft at:

The Task Scheduler can also be configured to send an email to the administrator on the success or failure of the job.