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Once the production server has been restored, follow this procedure to transfer any necessary data back to the production machine:

  1. Perform a full backup of the production j5 system as it was left after the failure - there may have been some data written as attachments after the latest j5 system backup. If this is the case, manual recovery work would be needed to integrate the diverged production and standby j5 sites.

  2. Inform users of an expected maintenance window during which j5 will be unavailable.

  3. Shut down the j5 services on the standby server and configure them for Manual startup rather than Automatic startup.

  4. Copy the data from the standby environment back to the production environment:

    • Copy the j5 system folder (excluding log files) from the standby server back to the production server.

    • If backup and restore is used, backup the standby database and restore it to the production server.

    • If SQL Server Replication is used, ensure that changes on the standby server have replicated automatically back to the production server.

  5. Start the j5 services on the production server.

  6. Redirect users back to using the production server, in one of the following ways:

    • Update the DNS entries so that the standard j5 URL now directs users back to the production server.

    • Inform users to use the production server URL.