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An Aspen IP.21 data source is configured on the IP21 Connection page.

Both the Aspen IP.21 ODBC driver and the j5 IP21 Connector need to be installed on the server running j5 before the IP21 Connection page appears in the j5 SMC. This driver is installed with Aspen SQLPlus.


  • Disable Auto-Prefix of Datasource Name: When True, the ‘ip21_’ prefix is not added to the data source name in j5.

  • Display Possible Tags: When True, the possible tags are read from the IP.21 Source. This could cause performance issues with large IP.21 tag databases. When False, manual tag entry is still possible.

  • Maximum Rows: The maximum number of rows the ODBC driver returns to j5 for any one query, to prevent memory errors.

  • Password: The password for the IP.21 Server for the user name provided below.

  • Port: The port IP.21 is listening on.

  • Server: The IP.21 server.

  • Timeout: The maximum number of seconds to wait for IP.21 to execute a statement before aborting.

  • User: Domain user name for connecting to IP.21.