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A PI data source is configured on the PI Connection page.

In order to use a PI Connection, the following requirements must be met:

  • The PI SDK 32-bit needs to be installed on the server running j5.

  • The j5 PI Integration needs to be installed on the server running j5. (This was not required prior to j5 2017).

  • j5Setup needs to be run before the PI Connection page appears in the j5 SMC.


  • Heartbeat Tag: j5 listens to this tag to detect disconnection events.

  • Heartbeat Update Interval: The expected maximum number of seconds between changes on the Heartbeat Tag.

  • Maximum Heartbeat Errors: The number of read errors before j5 does a forced reconnect.


  • Disable Auto-Prefix of Datasource Name: When True, the ‘pi_’ prefix is not be added to the data source name in j5.

  • Display Possible Tags: When True, the possible tags are read from the PI Source. This could cause performance issues with large PI tag databases. When False, manual tag entry is still possible.

  • Password: The password for the PI Server for the user name provided below.

  • Server: The PI server.

  • User: The user name for connecting to PI.