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The Attachment Storage node addresses the logbook attachments.


By default, attachments are stored in the database. However, the j5 system can be configured to store attachments in a folder on a file system, including network-attached storage devices.

  • Enable Archiving: When true, logbook attachments are archived into another store after the configured retention period. This defaults to False.

  • Archive Store: Determines where the archived logbook attachments are stored. This defaults to archive. This default (archive) is the same the IndustraForm Attachment Archive Store default (configured on the Server Settings page). The archive store needs to be set up before the attachment storage changes can be saved and verified. To set up the archive store, follow steps 4 to 6 at Set up attachment archive store.

  • Retention Period (months): Determines the number of months (1 month = 30 days) after which the logbook attachments are moved into the archive store. This defaults to 2 (60 days).

  • Type: FileSystemStore or DBStore.


The FileSystemStore stores attachments on your drive. This can be a network drive location. The configuration is as follows:

  • Type: FileSystemStore.

  • Path: Location where want to store your logbook attachments.

DBStore (Database Storage)

Database storage stores attachments in the j5 database. The configuration is as follows:

  • Type: DBStore

  • Table Name: The name of the table in the j5 database. The default for this field is attachments; attachments maps to a database table in the j5 database.