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  • Disable: When true, the j5 email functionality is disabled. When disabled, any error information normally sent via email is only recorded in the j5 log files.

  • Email Override: This needs to be set for the Staging and Development installation types. All emails sent by j5 will go to this address; j5 emails are sent to this email address rather than the specified recipients. This ensures that the emails aren’t sent to the recipients (for example, the production users) from the testing environments.

  • Enables use of IDNA encoding: When true, IDNA is used to encode email addresses that use unicode characters.

  • Max recipients in a singular email: If the number of recipients is greater than this setting, j5 will batch send the emails based on this limit. This defaults to 1000.

  • Use built-in Test Server: This can only be used for the Staging and Development installation types. When true, the built-in test server is used. The other settings aren't required if this True.


  • Administrator Email: The email address j5 sends emails to when it encounters an error. Multiple email addresses can be provided, separated by a semicolon (;).

  • Automatically Email Errors: When true, j5 emails the administrator when it encounters an error.

  • Character Set: The character set used to encode emails from j5. This defaults to UTF8.

  • From Name: The name which emails from j5 appear to be from.


  • From Address: The email address that appears in the From field on emails from j5 (for example,

  • SMTP Server: The mail server j5 should connect to.


  • Use TLS: When true, TLS is used to connect to the SMTP Server.

  • User Name: The user name used for SMTP authentication. If this is left blank, j5 will not attempt authentication.

  • Password: The password used for SMTP authentication.