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The j5 logging resource is responsible for the recording of application log messages. The data is written to a set of files which are rolled over and rotated/deleted according to configuration settings.

Logging settings - System Management Console

The following configuration settings are specified under the Logging Settings node:

  • # of Archive files stored: Specifies the number of archive files that j5 will store. This is related to the set Period length of archive file. The default setting is 6 files.

  • Enable archiving the logfiles: Enables the ability to store logfiles in a compressed state for extended periods of time. The default setting is True.

  • Log client js errors to server: This allows the server to capture all of the j5 errors that occur in the browser so that easier debugging can take place. The default setting is True.

  • Log Level: Sets the minimum log level written to the logfile. All logs that meet this minimum level or higher are recorded to the logfile. The options are (in order of importance): DEBUG, INFO, WARNING, ERROR, and CRITICAL. The default setting is INFO.

  • Log Rollover: Determines when a log rollovers and creates a new file. The options are:

    • Midnight: Rolls over at midnight, every rollover interval days.

    • Minutes: Rolls over every rollover interval minutes.

    • Hours: Rolls over every rollover interval hours.

    • Days: Rolls over every rollover interval days.

    • Monday - Sunday: Rolls over on a particular weekday.

  • Memory Check Interval: Determines how frequently the memory usage of the j5 Application server is checked (in seconds). The default setting is 75 seconds.

  • Memory Logging Interval: Determines how frequently the memory usage of each j5 Service is logged (in seconds). The default setting is 3600 seconds (1 hour).

  • Number of Files: Determines how many old files the logging keeps before deleting them. The default setting is 30 files.

  • Period length of archive file: Specifies the period over which the logfiles will be archived. This can be Daily, Weekly, or Monthly. The default setting is Monthly.

  • Rollover Interval: Determines how many Log Rollovers occur before the rollover (for example, 1 day). The default setting is 1.

  • Web Request Forensic Logging: When True, the forensic logging of web requests to the Load Balancer is turned on. The default setting is False.