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The local settings files managed by the j5 System Management Console are stored in C:\ProgramData\j5\config.

The j5 System Management Console makes changes to these files in the C:\ProgramData\j5\config\staged folder until they are deployed.

Additionally, there are a number of generated files that are created based on the local settings and installed j5 Applications. These are stored in the C:\ProgramData\j5\generated_files folder.

The j5 Indexing Service also has a local configuration file: C:\ProgramData\j5\data\solr\j5.ini. It is automatically created when the j5 Application Service starts. It contains the following values (that can be updated while j5 is running):

  • local-schema-version: This is set to a random 5-digit number. If this number is changed, all of the j5 database data is reindexed by the text search application.

  • background-indexing-rate: This value controls the amount of throttling that is applied when indexing is required. It should be set to a value between 0 and 1.0. Its value specifies the proportion of time that the background indexing thread is busy. Setting it to 0 pauses background indexing. Setting it to 1.0 runs the indexing at full speed.