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j5 Installation and Upgrade

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Installation & Upgrade
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j5 creates a few services during the installation process. These services are:

  • j5 Application Server: The main j5 service running the j5 Application. It handles scheduled tasks, generates reports, and serves j5 requests from the client machines.

  • j5 Indexing Service: The Apache SOLR service that provides text searching and indexing functionality.

  • j5 Load Balancer: The Apache service that routes requests to the j5 Application server.

  • j5 Message Broker: Used to broker messages (such as notifications) for the j5 Applications.

  • j5 Reporting Service: The j5 BIRT reporting service that listens for report and dashboard requests and serves files to the j5 Application server.

In some cases, it may be necessary to specify the account through which the j5 Application server logs on. This can be configured during the j5 Setup Wizard (see j5 Service Username) or using the j5 System Management Console.

j5 Application data

When a j5 system is installed, a few different folders and files are created in the j5 Application data folder: C:\ProgramData\j5.