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The final step of the j5 Setup Wizard provides the opportunity to review the changes before they are applied.

Click Cancel to close the j5 Setup Wizard without applying any changes.

Click Apply to carry out the configuration changes.

If a database data migration is necessary for j5 Setup (for example, this might be necessary when upgrading Framework to a later version), the system will apply a SQL script on the database automatically. This is part of the Run database data migration step when you click Apply. Refer to Run database data migration below for more details.

Run database data migration

The following is displayed when a database data migration is necessary for j5 Setup:

The following SQL script will be applied on the database

Additionally, the location of the script file and the Open Script File button.

It also creates a SQL script that can be run directly in the database should you require it. To access the SQL script, click Open Script File.

If the script is run manually, you must run j5 Setup again.

Click Apply to carry out the configuration changes and run the script automatically.

When the j5 Setup Wizard has completed applying the changes, a Success dialog appears.

Refer to Setup troubleshooting, if the j5 Setup Wizard doesn’t complete successfully.