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The installation type flag specifies whether the j5 system is running in Production, Staging, or Development mode.

Select PRODUCTION, STAGING, or DEVELOPMENT from the option list as applicable.

  • Development: Development systems don’t need to be installed in the end user’s data center. They can be hosted on the application developer’s device. This is where all configuration changes are made and initially tested.

  • Staging: Staging systems are configured to be as similar to their production system as possible but aren’t in regular production use. It is used to validate any configuration changes, or software updates, before they are deployed to the Production environment.

  • Production: Production systems are used by the end users. Only configuration changes and software updates that have been thoroughly validated in the Staging environment should be applied to the Production system.

When the installation type is set to DEVELOPMENT or STAGING, the email configuration requires an Email Recipient Override to ensure that emails aren’t sent to the wrong recipients. j5 registers an error on startup if this configuration is not set appropriately. The Email Recipient Override is set under the Email configuration.