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j5 Installation and Upgrade

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Installation & Upgrade
j5 Version
  • Microsoft Edge (Chromium version)

  • Google Chrome

  • Mozilla Firefox

j5 only supports the desktop version of these browsers.

Browser version support

Modern web browsers require frequent updates in order to adapt to changing web standards. As a result, the frequency of version releases by the browser vendors is much higher than for operating systems and databases.

For Microsoft Edge (Chromium version) j5 supports any version that is released as part of a mainstream supported release of Windows. This does not extend to the Long-Term Servicing Channel of Windows 10, since Microsoft Edge is not included in that release.

As of the August 2021 release, j5 does not support Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 or Microsoft Edge Legacy.

For other browsers, j5 officially supports any browser version that has been released in the last two years and is on the supported list. This requires a reasonable pace of upgrades, even during the lifecycle of a j5 product release. Also, certain browser bugs may require a browser upgrade to resolve. We make appropriate efforts to resolve issues in j5 and we will advise when a bug is not reasonably avoidable without an upgrade.

Reduced support web browsers

It is possible to use j5 using Safari, and there are no known defects in the browser at present.

If a support ticket is reported about an issue that only occurs on Safari, our team will try to fix the issue, but certain issues may be added to the Known defects list and not fixed.