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Summary information including a summary description of the Near Miss, and when and where it was identified, can be found on the Detail tab of the Near Miss entry (refer to figure Near Miss details).

Near Miss details


Definition & Information


A brief title of the near miss that explains the occurrence.

Date of Incident

The date and time at which the near miss was observed.


Identifies whether this entry is a near miss or an incident.


An indication of the severity of the near miss.


The category and subcategory of the near miss.

Lost Work Hours

Number of hours that could potentially have been lost to this near miss


A summary description of the near miss.

Reported By

The j5 user that added this entry into the Incident Management system.

Date and Time Incident Recorded

The date and time at which this entry was added into the system. This defaults to the current date and time.

Incident #

An automatically assigned unique number for this near miss. The number is prefixed with ‘IM’ to identify it as belonging to an incident in the j5 Incident Management system. The prefix is followed by a sequential number.

Investigation Status

When a near miss has not yet been saved into the j5 system, the status is ‘Drafting’. It is ‘Under Investigation’ once the near miss form has been begun. Users with an Investigator role can close the near miss, in which case the status changes to ‘Closed’.

Site, Section, Area

The Operational Area for which the entry is applicable.

Investigated By

The user who has been assigned to investigate the near miss.