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Once a near miss or incident has been logged, it proceeds through a workflow, defined by the associated IndustraForm. These can be designed to accommodate specific incident categories or areas, and so the workflow is likely to vary.

Sample IndustraForm Workflow

The workflow in the sample IndustraForms provided as part of the default installation proceeds as follows:

Near Miss or Incident Open

The incident is created in the Open state while a basic description of the incident or near miss is recorded

Under Investigation

This stage of the sample incident IndustraForm includes incident investigation, injury description, eyewitness descriptions, and reporter descriptions.

Reporter Statements

This stage of the sample near miss IndustraForm includes taking a reporter statement.

Root Cause Analysis

In this stage, the incident causes are recorded in the Cause Analysis tab. This is optional.

Corrective Actions

In the Corrective Actions stage, corrective actions that address the root causes of the incident are logged in the Actions tab. This is optional.

Perform Corrective Actions

The corrective actions, if any, should be performed at this stage.

Closed (Complete)

The incident is marked as Closed once corrective actions are complete and the root causes mitigated.