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Most dangerous incidents and near misses can be prevented. Research has shown that a systematic approach to investigating and analyzing occurrences will help to identify areas for improvement in the health and safety programs of the organization and provide a safer working environment for employees.

The j5 Incident Management module allows users to record each incident that occurs. It guides the users through a best practice workflow that helps to gather background information leading up to the incident, compile information regarding the actual occurrence of the incident and collect witness accounts. A systematic approach to identifying and categorizing root causes will allow management to identify the systems that need to be corrected in order to help prevent an incident from occurring again. Corrective actions can be created and assigned to individual users in order to carry out changes required to avoid similar incidents in the future.

The j5 Incident Management module also allows all users to create Near Misses for each close call. Communication mechanisms for sharing this information are available in order to improve awareness across the organization.

An understanding of Working with j5 Applications and introductory j5 topics is assumed.

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