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You only need to create a new HTTPS connection configuration when there is another HTTPS connection configured. If no other HTTPS connection is needed, don't create a new HTTPS connection node and just enter the connection details on the standard HTTPS Connection Configuration node.

  1. Right-click the HTTPS Connection Configuration node in the j5 System Management Console and select New HTTPS Connection Configuration. A dialog box appears.

  2. Enter a name for the connection (for example, Proficy) and select OK. A new connection node appears.

  3. Enter the connection details:

    • Authentication Type - Select OAuth

    • Base URL - Enter the base URL parameter. This is the fully qualified domain name to connect to the GE Proficy Web endpoints (for example,

    • Certificate Bundle Filename - If your GE Proficy connection uses HTTPS (recommended for security) and has a customer certificate chain (issued within your organization rather than part of the public trust network), you can use this setting to supply the required certificates.

      Navigate to the SSL certificate change for j5 to connection to GE Proficy using HTTPS or enter the path to the location of the file. Refer to Certificate bundle configuration for more information.

    • Client ID - Enter the OAuth Client ID that j5 will authenticate with.

    • Client Secret - Enter the OAuth Client Secret that j5 will authenticate with.

    • OAuth Authorization URL - Enter the URL for the authorization endpoint for the OAuth Server. This normally ends with /uaa/oauth/token.

    • OAuth Scopes - When required, enter a comma-separated list of the scopes that are needed.