Logbook Mixin: j5.IndustraForms.LinkedFormsLogbookMixin - j5 - 28.0 - Reference - Hexagon PPM

j5 Framework IndustraForm API Reference


The j5 Framework provides a Logbook mixin that should be added to an application that creates linked IndustraForm entries using the j5.IndustraForms.api.create_new_logbook_linked_form function.

This mixin is added to the Logbook Form configuration file and provides the definition of the industra_form_indicator field that can be added to the Grid Layout or Form Layout, as shown in the following screenshot:

To add the mixin, open the Logbook Form configuration file (logbook.yml) in the j5 IDE and add a Logbook mixin entry called j5.IndustraForms.LinkedFormsLogbookMixin, as in the following screenshot:

The resulting YAML configuration file will then include the following:



- "j5.IndustraForms.LinkedFormsLogbookMixin"

Finally, add the industra_form_indicator field to the Grid Layout, as in the following screenshot:

  • The industra_form_indicator field is a CALCULATED field. This means that it does not store any information in the database, but rather produces HTML content for the log view programmatically.

  • The industra_form_indicator field is not supported as a filter or sort field.