Querying Repeating Sections - j5 - 28.0 - Reference - Hexagon PPM

j5 Framework IndustraForm API Reference


IndustraForm designs can contain repeating sections. If you would like to retrieve information from a repeating section, you must:

  1. Include attribute names for elements in the repeating section.

  2. Send the query_repeating parameter with a value of ‘true’.

In this case, a separate result row will be sent back for each repeat. This behaves in a similar way to an INNER JOIN SQL query, where there is a row for each repeat, and where elements that are outside of the repeating section are duplicated in to each row.

In addition, $Form and $Participant attributes will be duplicated in to each row.

curl -X GET "http://j5.example.com/restserver/25.0/industraform/logbook-query/linked_industraforms_eg?attribute_names=$Form.UUID,ResponsiblePerson.DisplayValue,TankName,TankLevel,TankOk&query_repeating=true" -H "accept: text/csv" -H "authorization: Basic YWRtaW46YWRtaW4="


92ce3535-47d5-4d59-b32d-fbb9ee0e64cf,John Smith,T242,75.0,true

92ce3535-47d5-4d59-b32d-fbb9ee0e64cf,John Smith,T223,70.0,true

29249776-6b93-4abc-9ecc-2af1b4e11999,James Roland,T242,78.0,false

29249776-6b93-4abc-9ecc-2af1b4e11999,James Roland,T223,77.0,true

29249776-6b93-4abc-9ecc-2af1b4e11999,James Roland,T236,45.0,NOT_APPLICABLE

The limit parameter is applied to the total number of rows, so this may mean that only some of the repeats for a form are included.