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  1. Open the HTTPS Connection Configuration screen in the j5 System Management console.

    You only need to create a new HTTPS connection configuration if there are already other connections configured. If other connections are not required then skip the next step and go straight to completing the connection settings.

  2. Click New HTTPS Connection Configuration in the Actions menu, and then give the HTTPS connection configuration a name. You can give the connection any name.

  3. Complete the connection settings. Refer to the table below.



Authentication Type

Select OAuth

Base URL

The base URL parameter is the fully qualified domain name to connect to the GE Proficy Web endpoints (for example,

Certificate Bundle Filename

Enter the path to the certificate bundle file to use.

Client ID

Enter the OAuth Client ID that j5 will authenticate with.

Client Secret

Enter the OAuth Client Secret that j5 will authenticate with.

OAuth Authorization URL

Enter the URL for the authorization endpoint for the OAuth Server. This normally ends with /uaa/oauth/token.

OAuth Scopes

When required, enter a comma-separated list of the scopes that are needed.