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Navigate to your new j5 application to test your new BPMN workflow.

If a new workflow is introduced after the Module entry is created, then the existing entry will remain linked to the older version of the workflow. Only new Module entries will inherit the updated workflow.

Tutorial Example: Navigate to Environmental Incidents application, test your new workflow as follows:

  1. Navigate to the new module

    • http://localhost/EnivronmentalIncidents/view/environmental_incidents

  2. Add a new entry in the Environmental Incidents application

  3. As a Reporter, click Submit Report for Approval

  4. As a Compliance Officer, click Declined

  5. As a Reporter, click Resubmit for Approval

  6. As a Compliance Officer, click Approved

  7. Confirm that the following fields have been updated.

    • Report Message: [Approved message] should have been added to the message

    • Approved On: Date of approval

    • Approved By: j5 username of approver

    • Status: Approved

    • Report Workflow: Workflow Complete