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j5 BPMN Workflow Configuration

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To verify that the installation was successful, you should test that that you can both add and edit a Gemsbok design file.

Test 1: Create a new BPMN process

To create a new BPMN workflow:

  1. Open the Gemsbok BPMN editor in your web browser (recommended browser is Firefox)

  2. Example: http://localhost:8080/gemsbok/p/explorer

  3. Click File, and select Business Process Diagram

  4. A new BPMN process will open in a new tab. Ensure that the Shape Repository dropdown has been set to "j5 Workflow".

  5. For the purpose of testing, click and drag a task from the shape repository menu bar into the workspace. Double-click the task to rename it to First Task.

  6. Click Save.

  7. Provide a name and description for your workflow and click Save.

  8. Close the tab to return to the Gemsbok Explorer window.

Test 2: Edit an existing BPMN process

To edit an existing BPMN processes:

  1. Open the Gemsbok BPMN editor in your web browser

  2. Example: http://localhost:8080/gemsbok/p/explorer

  3. Double-click an existing BPMN workflow.

  4. The BPMN workflow should open in a new tab.