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A pool encapsulates a workflow for j5 system to interpret.

The name of the pool is referenced during the build configuration file.



A swimlane encapsulates the tasks that a specific role participates in.

Swimlanes must be added to pools. Lanes can be dragged from the column on the left. Drag & drop the lane onto the head of a pool and a new lane will be created.

Start Event

This component informs j5 where the workflow should start.

End Event

This component is interpreted by the j5 system as the termination state for a sub­processes. If no sub­processes have been created, then this will be interpreted as the termination state for the entire workflow.

Terminate End

This component is interpreted by the j5 system as the termination state for the entire workflow.


A task is equivalent to a workflow state. A task is a point in the workflow where the workflow may wait before proceeding. The task label will translate to the status of the BPMN field in the j5 application.

Tasks should be configured as either user tasks or scripting tasks.

User Task

A task performed by a j5 user.

Tasktype = User

Script task

A task performed internally by j5 code.

Tasktype = Script

Sequence Flow

Sequence flows describe a path that the workflow can take. Sequence flows with labels are interpreted as buttons by j5. Sequence flows without labels are direct paths from one task to another.




An exclusive gateway breaks the sequence flow into one of the two or more mutually exclusive paths.

For an exclusive gateway to function correctly in j5, you must always add a task before the exclusive gateway and draw a sequence flow from the task to the exclusive gateway.

Do not label the sequence flow.