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To replace the BPMN workflow, you will need to update the new configuration file called build.cfg in the bpmn­workflow folder. To do this:

  1. Open the j5 IDE

  2. Navigate to the Files tab

  3. Right-click the bpmn­workflow folder, under the Logbook Form

  4. Double-click the file "build.cfg"

  5. Copy the text below into the right­hand panel.

    [Packager Options] input_files = *.bpmn20.xml entry_point_process =

    <workflow pool name> target_engine = sjsoft­j5 target_engine_version

    = 1.14.1 editor = gemsbok

  6. Click Save.

The only unique configuration point is the entry_point_process. This value will depend on the Pool name in your specific BPMN diagram.

Remaining steps

To complete the process, repeat Step 7 - Step 12 from Create a New BPMN workflow in this tutorial.