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You need to design the BPMN workflow in Gemsbok. To do this:

  1. Open the Gemsbok application in a web browser (recommended: Firefox)

  2. Navigate down to the bpmn­workflow folder in the appropriate project folder.

  3. Create the BPMN diagram that matches the workflow you wish to implement in j5 system.

  4. Link the BPMN to the associated Python methods (discussed in more detail in the next step), by updating the task properties as follows:

    • Additional Properties > More Attributes > Update the Script field as follows:

    • record.<method name>(sa_session)

  5. Save the BPMN workflow

For technical assistance in the Gemsbok editor, please refer to: the following user manual:

Tutorial Example:

In this example workflow, there will be two roles: the Reporter and the Compliance Officer. The Reporter creates a new report and submits it to the Compliance Officer. The Compliance Officer can decline the report or accept the report. If the report is declined by the Compliance Officer, then the Reporter can edit and resubmit the report. If the report is accepted by the Compliance Officer, then the workflow terminates.

The workflow states and buttons appear as follows:

To create such a workflow in Gemsbok:

  1. Open Gemsbok in Firefox (URL: http://localhost:8080/gemsbok/p/explorer)

  2. Navigate down to the bpmn-workflow folder in the tutorial_example project folder.

  3. Create the following workflow diagram in Gemsbok exactly.

    For your reference, components in the above workflow include:

    • Pool: Environmental Incident Process

    • Lane: Compliance Officer

    • Lane: Reporter

    • Start Event: Start

    • User Task: Report New Incident

    • Sequence Flow: Submit Report for Approval

    • User Task: Waiting for Approval

    • Exclusive Gateway (XOR)

    • Sequence Flow: Declined

    • Sequence Flow: Approved

    • User Task: Report In Review

    • Sequence Flow: Resubmit for Approval

    • Script Task: Approved

    • End Event: End

  4. Click on the Script Task called Approved, and select Properties > More Attributes, and update the Script field as follows:

    • record.update_fields_on_approval (sa_sessions)

  5. Save the BPMN diagram as "Tutorial Workflow".

  6. Close Gemsbok.

For more information on BPMN components supported by j5, please see Common BPMN Components.