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When the WAR file has been generated and copied into the Tomcat 8.0 > web apps folder, you will need to verify that the gemsbok web app is running.

  1. Ensure that Tomcat 8.0 service is running.

  2. Navigate to the Tomcat Application Manager in a web browser (recommended browser is Firefox)

    • http://localhost:8080/manager/html

  3. Enter your Tomcat Admin Password as configured during installation (default: admin/admin)

  4. The Tomcat Application Manager should appear, as follows:

  5. Scroll down to the Applications section

  6. Gemsbok should appear as a table row. Click Start to start the gemsbok application, if the application is not yet running.

  7. Click the name of the application (i.e. "/gemsbok"), to open a new window running Gemsbok application (example URL: http://localhost:8080/gemsbok/). The following window should show: