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  • Navigate to the Gemsbok folder.

  • Copy '' to ''.

  • Edit the '' using a text editor like Wordpad, and make the following changes:

    • dir­tomcat­webapps: Set this parameter to point to the webapps folder of your Tomcat instance.

      • Example: C:/Program Files (x86)/Apache Software Foundation/Tomcat 8.0/webapps

    • fileSystemRootDirectory: Set this parameter to point to the root folder of your j5 IDE projects folder:

      • Example: C:/Users/<user>/j5 Projects/

        Even though this is a Windows system, in this configuration you must use forward slashes (‘/’). Please replace all backslashes (‘\’) in the path name with forward slashes (‘/’).

    • configuration: Set this parameter to the sjsoft­j5 configuration folder in your Gemsbok folder:

      • Example: C:/gemsbok/configuration/sjsoft­j5

    • war: Change this parameter to the name of the webapp. For example: "gemsbok".

    • Optional: Change other settings if required (e.g. the port number, the WAR filename)

An example file is shown below:

  • This is the Signavio Core Components configuration file. Most users only must configure this file.

  • The path to your Apache Tomcat webapps folder

    • dir­tomcat­webapps = C:/Program Files (x86)/Apache Software Foundation/Tomcat 8.0/webapps

  • The path to your jBoss deployment folder

    • dir­jboss­webapps = /jboss­5.1.0/server/default/deploy

  • The folder the war file(s) is/are stored target = target

  • The version of the application. If you want to integrate the Signavio Core Components into your own software product, you can align the version number. version=1.0.0

  • The name of the war file, if you use the all­in­one­war build target war = gemsbok

  • The configuration you want to use. This is the name of the folder in the 'configuration' project that contains the configuration and skin files. The following configurations are available:

    • default, Activiti, jBPM

  • You can also add your own configuration in the 'configuration' project. configuration = C:/gemsbok/configuration/sjsoft­j5

  • The URL of your server. Format: http(s)://<domain>(:<port>)