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Business Process Model and Notation is a standard for the graphical representation of business processes, essentially a flowchart syntax which specifies both which actors are engaged in the process as well as the tasks and process flows involved. BPMN workflow may consist of the following basic building blocks:

  • Start/End Events (circles)

  • Activities (rectangles with rounded corners)

  • Gateways (diamonds)

  • Sequence flows (filled arrows)

  • Message flows (dashed arrows)

  • Pools (graphic container)

  • Swimlanes (sub¬≠partition of the pool)

See below an example of BPMN notation:

For more information on BPMN components supported by j5, please see Common BPMN Components

For more information about BPMN notation, visit: http://www.bpmn.org/

These instructions assume that you have j5 Framework and j5 IDE installed, and that you have already created a new IDE project.