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Shows the properties for the selected symbol. The dialog displays when you click Symbol > Properties.


Displays the symbol key for the selected component. This field is read-only.

Scale Factor

Increases or decreases the plotted scale proportionally on the isometric drawing. The default value is 100%. Typing a value greater or less than 100% causes the symbol to be scaled up or down accordingly.


Specifies which symbol is being redefined when the symbol SKEY matches an existing SKEY for a different component type. By default, the value is set to 0.

Original SKEY

Identifies the symbol that serves as a basis for the selected symbol.

Spindle SKEY

Defines the standard spindle for a component. Only use this property for components that have a spindle, such as valves.


Specifies how and when a symbol is mirrored. Available options are:


Symbol is of a reducing component. Entry point is the larger end.

Flow Dependent

Symbol is of a flow dependent component. Flow is from entry to exit.

Flanged End

Symbol has one flanged end. Entry point is the flanged end.

Flow Arrow

Controls the generation of an associated flow arrow that can be optionally plotted alongside various components to indicate the fluid flow direction in the pipeline. This is only used on inline components, such as valves.


Controls the generation of a dimension across the component on the isometric. This options s used only on certain in-line components, such as valves.


Controls the direction in which the symbol is drawn. This option applies only to certain components, such as supports. Specify one of the following:


Symbol is drawn along the pipe.

Always Vertical

Symbol is always drawn vertical.

All Primary

Symbol copied and drawn in each primary direction (U/D, N/S, E/W).

User Defined

Direction is controlled by an attribute of the component.