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Intergraph Smart Reference Data Standard Database

Which systems are included?

This release of the Standard Database for Smart Reference Data is delivered and already configured to support metallic and non-metallic piping content according to US, EN, Japanese, ISO, and Chinese standards. The content for these piping components is loaded with enough details in the tables to create more than five million commodity codes and billions of idents. However, as a sample, SDB has been delivered with over 8000 of the most commonly used commodity codes in the industry and more than one million individual idents with full geometric data from standards.

SDB contains data drawn from US metallic piping standards, non-metallic piping standards, EN standards, Japanese standards, Chinese standards, and non-piping content. SDB contains data delivered with a total of 86 PIP specifications and five other US sample specifications.

SDB contains data delivered with six EN sample specifications and eight power piping specifications based on ASME B31.1. The current release of SDB 2020 includes an additional eight piping specifications as per the Japanese standards. SDB contains data delivered with a total of 21 Japanese specifications.

SDB has defined the design for Olets for all commodity codes to exclude the header schedule. As part of this, corresponding piping specifications are updated with applicable changes at the item level.

SDB has defined all the piping specifications with calculated wall thickness details. As part of this, corresponding PIP piping specifications are updated with the applicable wall thickness values as per the ASME B36.10/B36.19 for each spec at the spec header level and in the Thickness Data Rule sheet.

SDB has the Symbol Library Manager populated with Smart 3D piping and instrumentation data referring to its Smart 3D .NET symbol DLLs, progIDs, and symbol icons. All SDB piping commodity codes are associated with .NET-based symbol progIDs from Symbol Library Manager data. For more information about Symbol Library Manager, see Symbol Library Manager.

SDB has also been configured with an interface to CADworx and SmartPlant Isometrics.

Content from other countries/standards may be incorporated in future releases depending upon demonstrated customer requirements.