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Standard Database for Intergraph Smart Reference Data Management Summary Help

Intergraph Smart Reference Data Standard Database

Executive Summary

The purpose of this document is to provide users with an understanding of Intergraph Smart® Materials (SMAT), Smart Reference Data (SRD) and Standard Database (SDB).

This document provides a brief overview of the contents and data available to users in the SDB forms. It is intended for Smart Materials and Smart Reference Data consultants, project managers, and consultants as well as sales/business development representatives.

The SDB preconfigured database, commercially available with Smart Materials and Smart Reference Data, enables users to realize the advantages and benefits that go further than the familiar Material Lifecycle Library (MLCL) benefits, such as referential integrity. The new benefits include direct time and cost savings due to a fully pre-configured component catalog. Furthermore, the existing component structure and interface provide a safe and proven start-up.

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