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Standard Database for Intergraph Smart Reference Data Management Summary Help

Intergraph Smart Reference Data Standard Database

Intergraph SmartÒ Materials is a common platform for materials management and contracts management covering the engineering, procurement, and construction areas. This powerful solution helps you organize supply chain, material's life cycle, and subcontracts, thereby maintaining sustainable profits by avoiding shortages as well as limiting surplus. Using this solution, users can reduce the cost of:

  • Material maintenance

  • Requisitions, Inquiries, Requests for Quotation, Purchase Orders, Contracts, Expediting, and Logistics

  • Site and warehouse management

Smart Materials now supports materials management for all disciplines, including piping and non-piping disciplines.

Current release of Standard Database product is now enhanced with Smart Materials workflows. As part of this, SDB created a new project SMPL_SMAT and added sample data with regards to Smart Materials workflows.

Standard Database for Smart Materials is delivered with Administration and Setup data for Sample Workflow content for E&PI(BOM), E&PI(REQ), MSCM and SITE modules.

Below table shows the sample delivered workflows: