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Infrastructure for the Smart Reference Data SDB - SmartPlant Isometrics interface is provided with SDB. Below is the list of 15 PIP specifications pre-configured for SmartPlant Isometrics:

Pre-configured piping specifications

The below listed specifications are pre-configured for SmartPlant Isometrics interface:

Spec Name

Size Range

Material Description


1/2"- 48"

Class 150, Carbon Steel, Socket Weld, 0.063" C.A. Process


1"- 16"

150 PSI, Glass Fiber Reinforced Epoxy (RTR), Adhesive, Process and Utilities



Class 150, Flanged, PTFE-Lined Carbon Steel, Process

PP-Schedule 80-Butt Fusion


PP - Schedule 80 - Butt Fusion



High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) - FM - CLASS 150 - BUTT FUSION


1/2"- 48"

Class 300, Carbon Steel, Socket Weld, 0.063" C.A. Process


1/2"- 48"

Class 600, Carbon Steel, Socket Weld, 0.063" C.A. Steam/Condensate


1/2"- 24"

Class 900, Carbon Steel, Socket Weld, 0.063" C.A. Steam/Condensate


1/2"- 24"

Class 1500, 316/316L Stainless Steel, Socket Weld, 0.000" C.A. Process


1/2"- 8"

Chlorinated Poly (Vinyl Chloride) (CPVC), Cement, C.A.-None, Process


1/2"- 8"

Poly (Vinyl Chloride) (PVC), Cement, C.A.-None, Process


1/2"- 16"

Class 150, 316/316L Stainless Steel, Jacketed Construction, 0.000 C.A., Core: Process Jacket: Steam


3"- 24"

Class 175, Ductile Iron, Mechanical Joints, Cement-Mortar Lined Fire Water (UL/FM Approved) (Underground).


¼” – ¾”

316/316L Stainless Steel, Tubing Compression 0.000" C.A. Process Tubing (thru ASME Class 600 Piping)

SmartPlant Isometrics Export job settings

User must set MDB export path as shown in the screen below to view the SmartPlant Isometrics output files into the required location.

Sample Export Jobs

The following sample jobs are provided for exporting the SmartPlant Isometrics specifications from SDB:

  • SDB_EXP_1CS1S01: Sample job for exporting 1CS1S01 spec.

  • SDB_EXP_1FE0A01: Sample job for exporting 1FE0A01 spec.

  • SDB_EXP_1LT0F01: Sample job for exporting 1LT0F01 spec.

  • SDB_EXP_PP_SCH80: Sample job for exporting PP-SCHEDULE80-BUTTFUSION spec.

  • SDB_EXP_HDPE_FM_CL150: Sample job for exporting HDPE-FM-CLASS150-BUTTFUSION spec.

  • SDB_EXP_12LB0M01: Sample job for exporting 12LB0M01 spec.

  • SDB_EXP_15SD0S01: Sample job for exporting 15SD0S01 spec.

  • SDB_EXP_1SD0J01-C: Sample job for exporting 1SD0J01-C spec.

  • SDB_EXP_1SD0J01-J: Sample job for exporting 1SD0J01-J spec.

  • SDB_EXP_3CS1S01: Sample job for exporting 1CS1S01 spec.

  • SDB_EXP_50SD0L01: Sample job for exporting 50SD0L01 spec.

  • SDB_EXP_6CS1S01: Sample job for exporting 6CS1S01 spec.

  • SDB_EXP_9CS1S01: Sample job for exporting 9CS1S01 spec.

  • SDB_EXP_CPVC_SCH80: Sample job for exporting CPVC-SCHEDULE80 spec.

  • SDB_EXP_PVC_SCH80: Sample job for exporting PVC-SCHEDULE80-BUTTFUSION spec.