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Geometrics Description

Example Scenario

SDB clients may find a better geometrics description than the SDB default.

Solution: Update the geometrics description and reserve changes by assigning control status 4 LOCKED.

Limitation: Description control status is available for limited geometrics (Standard Geometrics, Other Geometrics, Commodity Geometrics, and Filter Geometrics).

Geometric Details

Example Scenario

Many SDB clients will want to change some geometrics details in the SDB default geometrics. Hexagon discourages clients from doing this. The best way is to inform the SDB service team by filing an SR and get the changes done in both the client and Hexagon SDB instances.

Solution 1: Change the geometrics control status to 4. This will prevent SDB from updating any geometrics details under this geometric.

Side Effect 1: This will also block geometrics description update. Locking description updates is a common request when customers want to maintain geometrics themselves.

Solution 2: Geometrics details level lock. This will only lock single geometric details from updating by the SDB migration process.

Limitation of both solutions: The SDB migration process does not support locks for Branches. Branches are attached to sample Specifications. SDB clients should not change sample Specifications or should directly use sample Specifications in production.