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7 (2014)

Reference data often changes between versions of the software. These changes can include deletions and additions to reference data, as well as modifications to existing data formats and locations.

After you upgrade your plant data using the SmartPlant Engineering Upgrade Utility, you can use the Upgrade Reference Data command to automatically change the reference data to the correct information based on the plant and database settings that were entered when your plant was created and on the requirements for the new reference data.

Before you can upgrade the reference data and drawings for an upgraded plant, you must define user access for the plant in SmartPlant Engineering Manager. For more information about defining user access, see the SmartPlant Engineering Manager User's Guide.

  • After you upgrade reference data, you cannot view it in earlier versions of the software.

  • For information about changes made during the reference data upgrade, see the V4RefDataUpgrade.log file, which is saved in the reference data symbol path.